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The court refuses to approve class action settlement against Subway.

In a very unfortunate case, a toddler died from malaria, after a doctor at University Hospital allegedly failed to diagnose the disease, after the child returned from a trip to Africa several weeks earlier.

A recent NJ appeals court has ruled that a pregnant medical technician ordered to climb a ladder and wash windows could be a case of pregnancy discrimination.

The state’s General Assembly approved the bills and now the Governor will be faced with the decision to sign the bills that appear to be directed at him.

Kanye West and his touring company Very Good Touring, Inc. have filed a $10 million-dollar lawsuit against his insurer after the company refused to pay his claims regarding his cancelled tour.

After a decades long smear campaign, companies and insurers are finally seeing the results they have yearned for.

How to deal with fake addresses and pseudonyms in the Ashley Madison Class Action Settlement.

In a recent, unpublished opinion the Appellate Court in NJ allowed a suit to continue against a gym, where she tripped over a weightlifting belt at a New York Sports Club in Livingston, NJ.

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