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slip-fallFall Down Injuries

The first reaction of most people who fall is to feel ashamed or embarrassed. They may even blame themselves. But often times, the fall is caused by the negligence of the property owner or business. For example, a slip and fall can occur due to a spill that is not cleaned up by a store owner. Or a fall may occur due to a stairway that is not maintained in good condition. Sometimes, a fall can occur due to poor lighting or the absence of a handrail. Our office frequently uses engineers and other experts to determine the cause of the fall.

If you have fallen and been injured you need a lawyer who understands how these accidents occur. We will fight to get your hospital and medical bills paid and get you a cash award for your injury. Our lawyers have many years of extensive experience in handling all types of injury cases due to falls. At Druckman & Hernandez, our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to help you obtain all of the benefits and money that you are entitled to. Call 908-353-5850 to speak with an attorney now.

Some of our settlements for persons injured in a fall have included:

$750,000 for a pedestrian who slipped and fell on ice, injuring her neck.                                                                                                           $500,000 for a worker who fell from scaffolding at a work site.
$220,000 for a visitor at a hospital who was struck by pieces of a ceiling.
$190,000 for a pedestrian who fell over a wooden stake at a bus station.
$180,000 for a pedestrian who slipped and fell in mud on a sidewalk.

Results may vary depending upon your particular facts and circumstances.

There is no fee unless we recover money for you!