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Traffic Tickets

TRaffic-ticketIf you have received a traffic ticket or a municipal court summons, you may be subject to serious penalties including the loss of your license, a large fine, or even jail time. In order to protect yourself, it is important that you call an attorney with significant municipal court experience. Our lawyers have years of experience defending cases involving DWI, DUI and other traffic violations. We have a proven track record of success in the Municipal Courts of Union, Middlesex and Essex Counties.

Whether or not you are guilty of the charges, our lawyers will advise you on how to best approach a municipal court hearing in order to minimize your penalties. Choosing the wrong attorney to represent you in Municipal Court can cost you your license or more. Our attorneys will make every effort to reduce, or even eliminate, fines, jail time, insurance surcharges and points on your license.

You should not have to go to court alone, call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys today. At Druckman & Hernandez, our lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. Call 908-353-5850 to speak with an attorney now.