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  • Famous rapper, Kanye West, has finally settled a lawsuit against his insurer after Kanye’s canceled ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour.
Monday, 26 February 2018 00:00

Famous rapper, Kanye West, has finally settled a lawsuit against his insurer after Kanye’s canceled ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour.

Written by Jonathan Druckman

The prominent insurance company, Lloyd’s of London has shelled out $10 million in a settlement agreement.

The Saint Pablo tour was a very costly tour featuring a floating stage which was suspended from the ceiling for Kanye to perform on. The final 21 dates of his tour were cancelled resulting in full refunds for all tickets sold. His decision to cancel the tour came just two days after he made controversial remarks while onstage about how he would have voted for Donald Trump for president. Just days earlier he had gone into a long winded rant talking about other celebrities such as Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Howard King, the attorney for Mr. West’s touring company confirmed to journalists that the dispute had been resolved amicably. The dispute stemmed from an incident that occurred back in 2016 when Mr. West had to cancel a portion of his Saint Pablo Tour. The performer checked into a psychiatric center at UCLA that cut his tour short. During the tour he had an abrupt departure from the stage after he learned that his wife had been robbed at gunpoint while she was on a trip to Paris. Kanye’s is married to Kim Kardashian. Kanye ended up being hospitalized for eight days before he was released. The lawsuit was filed back in August of last year.

Very Good Touring Inc. had filed the complaint in November 2016 alleging that Lloyd’s of London had not fulfilled its obligations with regard to the loss claim. The insurance carrier ended up countersuing a few weeks after the initial lawsuit had been filed claiming that the tour’s cancellation was not beyond Mr. West’s control. Lloyd’s of London claimed that Mr. West had used marijuana recently which would have voided coverage due to a specific clause in the contract relating to drug and alcohol use. The lawyers for Mr. West claimed that Lloyd’s was going through extensive effort to make sure that his mental breakdown was legitimate.

In the filings, West’s team stated that the idea that Kanye’s use of marijuana would provide immunity to all claims would end up providing Lloyd’s a windfall of hundreds of thousands in profits in insurance premiums. Kanye’s team also alleged that the insurance company was using the common tactic of stalling a potential payout. Lloyd’s had also selected another doctor to perform an independent medical examination after West’s release from UCLA. Ultimately, however the insurer’s doctor came to the same conclusion as the UCLA physician.

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